Taita Juan released

We are happy to report that Colombian ayahuascero Taita Juan, who was recently arrested at a US airport for importing ayahuasca medicine, has been released.

At some point within the next couple of days, the court will begin the process of transferring Taita Juan out of prison and into the immigration authorities who will make arrangements for his return to Colombia.

According to a report from Caracol Radio, one of the main radio networks in Colombia,”a Federal Court ruled his release when his attorney showed that Yage (ayahuasca) is a medicinal plant used by indigenous as traditional medicine, and does not generate dependency”.

Support came from around the world as many people came to Juan’s side, both physically and spiritually, including reports that Colombian embassy officials visited Juan last week, reportedly offering their support. Indigenous rights groups, human rights organizations and networks of the vast ayahuasca community are also among those who came to his aid.

More than €1800 gathered from fundraising initiatives in Europe has been presented to Juan’s family who are “overwhelmed with joy”. The Free Taita Juan campaign raised over $14,000 for his legal defense.

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