Near fatality

Substance taken: 4 gr Syrian Rue, 14 gr Jurema

While the effects of the drug began to come on for the others as normal, S looked like she was beginning to have a bad trip. She stated that something wasn’t right, but could not express herself very well. She started talking more and more adamantaly about how something was not right and eventually got up and started running around the room, screaming. The trip sitter and another sober individual believed she was having a bad trip and so got her alone and tried to calm her down. This was effective for very short durations of time and panic would always set right back in. It climaxed to the point that she was thrashing on the ground, flailing and screaming ‘i’m dying’ when the cops/paramedics were called. It should be noted that it took two 150lb males to hold her down to prevent her from hurting herself, and 6 EMTs.

When the paramedics came, they were informed about what was happening. She was sedated and taken to the hospital, after being strapped down on a board. She was informed that she stopped breathing for 3 minutes in the hospital and could have easily died. The doctors told her that she had an allergic reaction to something in the brew and that she had gone into anaphylactic shock due to it. The only thing that she remembers is feeling as if she couldn’t breathe at the beginning, when she originally began to complain that something wasn’t right.

This report stands as a staunch warning towards anyone considering using mimosahuasca, and against the philosophy that sitting a bad trip out is fine. If someone is adamant that something is wrong then for god’s sake take them to the hospital. I urge anyone reading this to be very careful when considering whether or not to take psychedelics, had this been done while camping or solo, not much could have been done to save her life. I have gotten a lot of shit about the fact that it was taken in a dorm room but I once again remind my readers that although she had a terrifying experience, she did not have ‘a bad trip’. She had a physical, allergic reaction to the brew which caused her lungs to restrict airflow and her body to nearly die.