My ayahuasca experience at 12 years old

By Kristel

I was 12 years old when I had my experience (in 2007). My dad is obsessed with healers and believes that nature has it all. My brother had visited Peru before the rest of us did (My dad, mother, and sisters.) He convinced my dad to take us. My brother had tried the ayahuasca, and explained to us that it does heal. So my father took us, We went to Peru, specifically the Amazon Jungle. We called the Shaman or the priest and we prepared our selves for the ceremony. At around 7 in the afternoon, we went into a hut and the Shaman began the ritual. At that age I had no Idea what was going to happen or what to expect.

I thought it was going to take an hour of praying and relaxing and that’s it, but it was a lot more than that. After drinking about half a cup, nothing happen. Until half an hour later, when I felt completely lonely although my whole family was surrounding me, and considering that I was hugging my dad the whole time, yet I didn’t feel him. Instead, I saw all the healing spirits around me, telling me I was okay and that I was to help them. My body was going crazy. Felt like hypothermia from all the shaking and all the loneliness. I received visions of me and a dog telling me to go after him around the mountains. I would yell “NO NO NO NO, I’M NOT GOING ALONE” The dog would comfort me, and helped me feel better. Everything I touched was a vibration, every voice I heard was seen, everything I felt was exposed. I remember I kept telling myself “NEVER DO THIS AGAIN, NEVER.” After around 2 hours, I got up with my dad and we went outside, if we were here in the United States walking down the streets in the dark. Cops would’ve stopped us and assume that we were drugged, or at least drunk. We couldn’t walk straight, and vomit covered all the bugs and land from the hut to the outhouse. Those were the hardest two hours of my life. As my father and I went back to sit down, I suddenly felt clear. Clear of all my sickness, of all my thoughts. I was in a state of content like no other. Then all of a sudden, I was me again. It was always me, but the me that I never knew. After that tough, yet amazing experience, I fell into deep sleep, even with the bugs, and who knows what around me.

Tracing back now, I will definitely attempt it again. For now I am cured. Thanks so much for reading.