La Experiencia: Taking Ayahuasca in the Amazon

Freelance writer John Meils wrote a piece on ayahuasca for Livinginperu, in which he describes his own experience with the spirit vine. An excerpt:

Thirty minutes later and nothing. Sixty minutes later and I was starting to feel a tingling—nerves, a buzz behind my eyes, looseness, flashes of color in my vision forming geometric shapes when I blinked. Lucho’s assistant began singing. His voice was astounding, deep and strong, emanating from his chest, his style a fierce staccato. I looked over his head and through a giant opening in the wall. The foliage in the trees formed a series of terrifying faces: skulls first, then scowls on old, worn faces, ever-changing. Each successive one got bigger as it moved into the room towards me, threatening to swallow me up. I sat still and absorbed them, searching for meaning but finding none.

Read the full article here.

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