Healed with ayahuasca

I start to use drugs with 12 years , after 6 years I was very very very depressed(psychotic) , I was in psychiatric treatment in Switzerland they make me some psycanalise and they give me to take Risperdal(SSri) twice a day and Xanax. After half a year of treatment I was the same my depression and the voices in my head they continued , I thinl I probably I was worse. I was depressed and psychotic for a period of 3 years(from 18 to 21) in this 3 years I lost almost everythig I lost all my friends , my famyli and all my social life was losted and also I lost a big part of my memories. After read on internet about the ayahuasca healing powers I decide to buy ayahuasca in one online herbal shop , because at this time I did not have nothing to lost because I already had lost I already had lost everything so I decide to try it. In March 2006 I decide to take it . In the start I was very fear because since my psycose I didn´t take any psychedelic , but after take it all this fears dissaper . I enter in the most healing , fantastic ,spiritual and deep trip of my life . During this trip I feel the biggest hapiness and fredom of my life and you can not imagine what is feel hapiness and fredom after 3 years of totaly madness , in this extasy I start to understand the healing power of ayahuasca and the power to clean mind and soul, the ahayahuasca had start to teach me , I also see the bigest visions I ever see and not only see but I had full contact with they , is like a divine visual language , at this moment all the nithmares and confusion in my head start to disaper .In the end of the trip I enter in a long deep sleep .In the next day no more confusion and bad feelings it was like un upgrade to my mind.
Now I am healed , there is no more voices and bad pics in my mind.

The most dificult in psycoses is to return the social live because in this , but with ayahuasca is no big problem to start again , ayahuasca had very social power and teach people to do it , and to trust on you and to trust in others and this is the most important thing to be healed you have to trust.

Ayahuasca 4 ever .

By amoak