First trip on holy ayahuasca

The travellers were me and Syul, we went on Ayahuasca @ home.
Sunday… We took good care with our diet in that day, eating non-tempered food and stuff that wouldn’t interact with the MAOI…
We were relaxed, joyful as almost always Smile we prepared our setting during the day, our main living room with incorporated concert stage Smile
After dinner, 21h, i started to prepare the holy potion…
Syul was connecting cables for playing and recording later on. I was in the kitchen, always stiring the brew, meditating and smoking joints…
i blew the smoke into the pot and watched the morphing forms and smoke.
For my first time i decided to use the traditional way: i smashed the mimosa into tiny pieces with a plastic bag and a hammer, shreaded it by hand after that.
I smashed the Syrian Rue the best i could (not very well) and measured the doses. I put everything in a inox steel pot, with water and lemon juice, and started the slow boil.
We measured 3g of Syrian Rue a 7g of Mimosa per dose. We were careful, didn’t knew the power of the plants, brew and preparation…
Syul was feeling restless because from some time he’s extremely sensitive to all substances, and he was a bit afraid about going to strong… he’s very hyperactive hellyeah
He decided he would take only half of his dose and keep the rest in the fridge for other trip. I kept my plan and dose.
I slowly boiled the plants for 40 minutes, always connected and stiring, and then we filtered this first extraction through a white tshirt into a ceramic container. I prepared more water with lemon and boiled the plant material again, for 20 minutes… filtered again, mixed it with the first extraction.
We took away the plant material. We reduced the brew to what was going to be 2 cups, but i measured it a bit badly and in the end we got 2 half-cups of bitter and somewhat thick dark-brown material o0
it took 2 hours to perform this cerimony. i liked it a lot Smile
we went to the living concert room, rolled some joints and played a bit with the drums, guitar and bass… we got relaxed and inspired.
We started to drink the brew, after saying our intentions and respect and asking for a knowledgeful trip, to be well-recieved…
We kept playing while we were drinking, i took 30 minutes to take it all, Syul drank his half in that time too.

When i was playing the guitar and closed my eyes, i would start to go very far, very connected with our music, and i could sense when i open the eyes again that something was changing, something was at the move inside of me… joyful and relaxed feelings from the harmaline too.
We didn’t watch the time, but maybe at time +1H i noticed my eyes changing, things getting a bit blury, eyes shaking a little bit, some sort of rush appearing from inside. Syul was full of energy, and he played and played almost all of his trip Laughing although his trip was milder, his symphtoms were coming at the same time with mine and were similar.
I stopped to play, as i was feeling that the connection with playing was deriving me from the path that was getting formed in front of me.
I started to feel heat and strange feelings in my face, then in my eyes and front head. I was between relaxation and the growing rush.
I layed in the couch, watching around and flowing to the music and Syul’s play. All this time we were playing over chillout music, things like Ott, Tripswitch, Dead Can Dance, Akasha project, and so on. At +1h40 i still wasn’t feeling any real visions, and starting to think that it had been a mistake not to take the Rue some time before the Mimosa…
The room had some light, filtered through colour plastics… i had put out the candles, to let the spirits in… I decided to turn the lights down, and leave only the outside weak light and the amps colour leds. I knew Aya should be taken in quiet and in the dark. And then…