Doctor Gabor Mate on ayahuasca to reverse medical issues

Alternet has published the full transcript of the speech given by MD Gabor Mate, titled “Psychedelics and Unlocking the Unconscious; From Cancer to Addiction,” which he delivered at the Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland California, on April 20, 2013. In his speech he does not only criticize the war on drugs, the increasing use of stimulants by ADD-diagnosed children, Mate rejects the assumption that the human mind and body are separate entities, and points to an inherant connection between psychological/environmental experiences and medical afflictions.

An excerpt:

And I’m saying all this because in talking about my work with ayahuasca and the potential healing that ayahuasca can induce in people, we have to understand what is being healed here. What is the underlying basis of these conditions?

(…) And this culture is all about stuffing full of products, and stuffing full of relationships, and stuffing full of activities, and stuffing full of false meaning. But of course the more we do that, the more addicted we become, because these things can never be truly satiating. So, that emptiness can never be filled from the outside. The way through the emptiness is through the inside—is from the inside. And that’s where the spiritual experiences, and the healing experiences, empowered by ayahuasca come into it.

Read the full transcript here: Renowned Doctor Gabor Mate on Psychedelics and Unlocking the Unconscious, From Cancer to Addiction

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