CelebStoner reviews ‘Ayahuasca in my Blood’

Stoner website ‘CelebStoner’ put up a review of Peter Gorman’s book ‘Ayahuasca in My Blood’. An excerpt:

Ayahuasca in My Blood is a long, strange trip. Gorman repeatedly gulps the brew as he searches for answers to problems in his life. How can he make Chepa love him again? Can he help save his mother-in-law, who has cancer? What can he do about his alcohol habit?

Under the influence, Gorman transforms into a snake and explores. He flies from place to place and period to period in his life like he’s in a time machine. All the while Julio gently guides him and the others during their psychedelic voyages. Gorman’s descriptions are vivid. You fly right along with him as he searches for answers and fights off demons and evil spirits. Finally, he passes one of Julio’s big tests and becomes a shaman himself.

A 68-page preview of ‘Ayahuasca in My Blood’ is available on Google Books. For more books related to ayahuasca, see our Books section.

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