Ayahuasca in 2013

The past year(s), the subject of our website – ayahuasca – has frequently made the news. Various artists pronounced that it worked as some sort of miracle-inspiration drug for them, but the last years also saw renewed interest of scientific research in psychedelics and their therapeutic value. Furthermore, Ayahuasca tourism is booming, especially in Peru, where it was declared part of the cultural heritage.

However, It is also the legal side that worries many Westerners, as each year there are people (including shamans) being arrested for possession or production of the brew. It is uncertain what the future holds in this regard, but the increased research and coverage on conferences (and also in mainstream media) might be a way towards a brighter future and the acceptance of psychedelics as healing agents.

Regardless, throughout the coming year we will continue to update our website with honest information and relevant news items on ayahuasca. As always, your experiences and feedback are highly valued!
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