Ayahuasca for Brazilian prisoners featured in NY Times

Brazilian inmates are drinking ayahuasca as part of their rehabilitation program. End of March the New York Times published a lengthy article about this new form of therapy.

Since the start of the century Brazil’s prisoners number has doubled to more than 550.000. As the system is under pressure, some human rights activists have been searching for alternatives. In Porto Velho inmates are being offered therapy sessions including yoga, meditation and Reiki. As a new experiment, currently 10 inmates at the time are allowed to attend ceremonies of the Santo Daime church.

From the article: ‘“I’m finally realizing I was on the wrong path in this life,” said Celmiro de Almeida, 36, who is serving a sentence for homicide at a prison four hours away on a road that winds through the jungle. “Each experience helps me communicate with my victim to beg for forgiveness,” said Mr. de Almeida, who has taken ayahuasca nearly 20 times at the sanctuary here.’

Read the full article here.

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