Ayahuasca – back to the nature

I finally made my first aya-analogue session. In short – amazing.

Set&setting – almost perfect.Imagine a vast hollow in the large cliff,facing the beautiful river.That’s where the aya was cooked.It was hailing from time ot time,despite it was around +5 degrees in Ce.That looked really weird

Preparation – I used 12 g of Mimosa hostilis rootbark as DMT source and 6g of Peganum harmala as MAOi.12 gr of shredder Mimosa were boiled along with 3g of peganum harmala and some lemon juice for good 5 hours.Remaining 3 grams of harmala were eaten raw 15 minutes before the ingestion of the brew.I did not add any water to the brew during the preparation.

Ingestion – The substance was boiled to the amount of 2 cups.After filtering it looked like some messy coffee(brown).I ate harmala seeds,waited 15 mins and started drinking the aya.The taste..hm,just like a very strong tea brew.Each sip was followed by a tiny peace of bread.The first cup was finished within 15 minutes and went without problems.However,when I started to drink the 2nd one,I thought I’d puke instantly.So I packed a small bong with Salvia leaves,made some huge hits,and then finished the second cup.NO nausea.

Effects – MAOi surely have their own hallucinogenic effects.It wasn’t until 5 mins after the ingestion of Harmala when things started to change.I was extremely lightheaded and dreamy.It felt like the time stopped.My heart was racing really fast,something that I hadn’t expected as I do sports regularly.
The mimosa started to work during he ingestion,let’s say,30 mins after the 1st sip.The peak was reached within 2 hours and lasted for 1 hour.Some strong OEVs appeared.The leaves were changing form and swirling.All things looked extremely alive.Besides that,associative thinking was greatly enhanced.
But the most interesting was feeling of being someone else.i felt absolutely sober..even more sober than when baseline..but I was convinced that I was someone else.I had not experienced anything similar from previous etheogens.At the end of the trip I had a very philosophical mood and was extremely serious.Every single aspect of my life could be clearly seen, discussed and improved.

Great experience overall,but I guess 12 g of Mimosa was definitely not intense enough.I feel like going for 30 gr of Chaliponga next time.

And yeah,the afterglow.It’s been 2 days since I drank my medecine,and I do notice the effects,both physically and mentally.It feels like I have been on holidays for a month or so, wonderful.

PS – The MAOi diet was strictly followed 12 hours before and after the ingestion. Rice, bread and water, that is. No eating and drinking 3 hours before tripping.