Australian singer Whitley on his ayahuasca experience

Australian singer Lawrence Greenwood, or Whitley, participated in a Shipibo ayahuasca session in Peru, and shares his experience in an interview on The Australian. Greenwood has no regrets about taking it and is thankful for the insights and increased self awareness from his experience. He explains:

“I went through an incredibly anxious period on ayahuasca,” he says, calmly, in a Sydney cafe. “It was terrible. It felt like I was being tortured. I had fire pouring out of my eyes; but afterwards, sitting down with a (Peruvian Indian) plant spirit … he told me that I had complained a lot in my life and that he wanted to show me what real pain was like. If you didn’t look at that philosophically you could be a candidate for post-stress disorder.”

More and more musicians embark on ayahuasca experiences, with the likes as Sting, Paul Simon, Tori Amos and Ben Lee discussed having taken ayahuasca. The Guardian published a piece on this phenomenon in 2010.

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