Changa: The Evolution of Ayahuasca

The conscious folks over at Reality Sandwich published a very interesting piece on Changa, a smoking mixture containing the same (but often more) ingredients to ayahuasca. According to many, there are pronounced differences between these two DMT-containing psychoactives.

An excerpt:

‘The tea (ayahuasca) is drunk and enzymes begin to be inhibited in the stomach, then the effect spreads throughout the body. Changa — who’s route of administration is smoking — works very differently. The pyrolyzed smoking blend is inhaled, adsorbing into the lungs and going directly to the brain. In the brain the alkaliods inhibit enzymes directly, adding the unique effects of harmala alkaliods to the synergistic effects of the tryptamine harmala pharmacological relationship. The effects are faster, clearer headed, and more centering according to Changaleros (those who practice the way of smoke), with less to no nausea unless one is working with it to physically purge.’

Read the full article here. More information on Changa can be found on the wiki page of deoxy.

One thought on “Changa: The Evolution of Ayahuasca”

  1. Someone in Australia discovered that if one infused the leaves of B. Caapi with DMT naturaly extracted from Acacia trees, that it could be smoked to form a totally new and undiscovered way of creating the ayahuasca effect.

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