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Ayahuasca Ceremonies

With the increased popularity of ayahuasca, more and more organizations now offer ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats in South America.

With setting being such an important aspect of the experience, we have made a selection of a number of organizations with a good reputation and knowledgeable staff, amongst other important factors such as respect for cultural heritage and shamanic traditions.

Blue Morpho Tours - Blue Morpho Ayahuasca center is the largest Ayahuasca shamanism and Universal shamanism center in the Amazon jungle. Blue Morpho offers shamanic workshops and spiritual retreats with traditional shamans.

The Ayahuasca Foundation - The Ayahuasca Foundation is a Peruvian non-profit organization. Several types of retreats and seminars are available, with a duration ranging from one day to three weeks.

If you intend to attend a ceremony, please inform yourself well in advance. Our site offers plentiful information, but if you are completely new to ayahuasca, we recommend you start by reading the introduction.

Keep in mind that a trip to the Amazon can be a quite expensive endeavor, and that is is more cost-effective to home-brew a batch with ingredients ordered from a trusted ethnobotanical supplier.